Saturday, January 11, 2014

4 Ingredient Vegan Dill Pickle Chickpea Burgers

Yesterday, I made Dill Pickle Roasted Chickpeas and asked that you save the reserved pickle brine for future use. 

This is the future!

I used my 3 Ingredient Veggie Burger method to create these awesome Dill Pickle Chickpea burgers.  They have 4 ingredients: Brine, Old Bay Seasoning, Chickpeas, and Old Fashioned Oats.

I'm pretty much in love with them. I have made what I call, Chickpea of the Sea burgers in the past, but these taste better.  Much better.  I did serve them with my homemade tartar sauce, which was made from my Low Fat Vegenaise Alternative.

Go make some awesome Dill Pickle Roasted Chickpeas and a batch of these burgers.  I got 6 small burgers from the recipe.
  1. Heat the chickpeas and brine until boiling, then stir in the oatmeal and old bay. Turn off heat and mash together with a fork.
  2. Let the mixture cool, then form into patties and bake at 400 for 25 minutes. 
Serve with Tartar Sauce and burger fixins.  I love using Kale in place of lettuce.


  1. these sound great Melody! I have to try them

  2. Wow! This looks delicious.. And really colourful in the first pic, so much more drool worthy than a fast food burger!