Friday, December 06, 2013

Stream of consciousness thoughts about "Clean Internet Diet Gurus"

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I am really feeling at my wits end when it comes to blogging and the internet in general.  It seems like a black hole of SUCK frankly. 

I am sooooo sick and tired of the lies and misinformation that is being distributed on a daily basis to so many people. 

Especially about food and nutrition.  

.. and don't even get me started on the "Clean Eating Movement".  

The term, CLEAN EATING is soooo divisive and so judgmental. I'm sure that most of the people using these terms aren't aware how exclusive they are to their readership.  It makes me sick, if you want to know the truth.  

The definition of CLEAN:
 adjective \ˈklēn\
: free from dirt, marks, etc. : not dirty
: tending to keep clean
: free from pollution or other dangerous substances
Full Definition of CLEAN
a :  free from dirt or pollution clean
 clothes><clean solar energy>
b :  free from contamination or disease clean
c :  free or relatively free from radioactivity clean
 atomic explosion>
a :  unadulteratedpure clean
 thrill of one's first flight>
b of a precious stone :  having no interior flaws visible
c :  free from growth that hinders tillage <clean farmland>
a :  free from moral corruption or sinister connections of any kind clean
 record>; also :  free from violations clean driving record>
b :  free from offensive treatment of sexual subjects and from the use of obscenity clean
c :  observing the rules :  fair clean
:  ceremonially or spiritually pure clean
 may eat flesh — Leviticus 7:19(Revised Standard Version)>
a :  thoroughcomplete clean
 break with the past>
b :  deftly executed :  skillful <clean ballet technique>
c :  hit beyond the reach of an opponent clean
 single to center>
a :  relatively free from error or blemish :  clearspecifically:  legible <clean copy>
b :  unencumbered <clean bill of sale>
a :  characterized by clarity and precision :  trim clean
prose style> clean almost austere lines>
b :  evensmooth clean
 edge> clean break>
c :  free from impedances to smooth flow (as of water or air)clean
 airplane> clean bottom>
a :  empty clean
b :  free from drug addiction clean
 for six months>
c slang :  having no contraband (as weapons or drugs) in one's possession
:  habitually neat
— clean·ness  noun
Examples of CLEAN
1.    This table isn't clean. There's a sticky spot where something spilled.
2.    He keeps a very clean house.
3.    The janitor does a good job of keeping the office clean.
4.    I wiped the baby's face clean.
5.    He's a clean young man.
6.    Cats are very clean animals.
7.    Solar power provides clean energy.
Origin of CLEAN
Middle English clene, from Old English clǣne; akin to Old High German kleini delicate, dainty
First Known Use: before 12th century
Related to CLEAN
Related Words
Near Antonyms
: all the way : completely or entirely
Full Definition of CLEAN
a :  so as to clean clean
b :  in a clean manner clean
:  all the way :  completely clean
 through his arm>
Examples of CLEAN
1.    Somehow, the top of the machine came clean off.
2.    The nail went clean through the wall.
3.    The fish were jumping clean out of the water.
First Known Use of CLEAN
before 12th century
Related to CLEAN
Related Words
Near Antonyms
: to make (something) clean : to remove dirt, marks, etc., from (something)
: to become clean
: to make (something, such as a room) neat and orderly
Full Definition of CLEAN
transitive verb
a :  to make clean: as (1) :  to rid of dirt, impurities, or extraneous matter (2) :  to rid of corruption clean
up city hall>
b :  removeeradicate —usually used with up or off <clean up that mess>
a :  stripempty cleaned
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b :  to remove the entrails from <clean fish>
c :  to deprive of money or possessions —often used with outcleaned
 him out completely>
intransitive verb
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— clean·abil·i·ty  noun
— clean·able  adjective
— clean house
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:  to make sweeping reforms or changes (as of personnel)
— clean one's clock
:  to beat one badly in a fight or competition
— clean up one's act
:  to behave in a more acceptable manner
Examples of CLEAN
1.    The carpet needs to be cleaned.
2.    They divide household duties so that she cleans and her husband cooks.
3.    They cleaned the fish and cooked them on the campfire.
4.    skin and clean a rabbit
First Known Use of CLEAN
15th century
Related to CLEAN
Related Words
Near Antonyms
: an act of removing dirt from something
Full Definition of CLEAN
:  an act of cleaning dirt especially from the surface of something

So.... if you look at the above definition, and especially the Antonyms... Besmirch, dirty, foul, soul, spot, stain and sully...
What does that even MEAN when it comes to food?

If you think your "Clean Eating" philosophies aren't divisive, then I don't know what to tell you.  I am only touching on the food situation in America, or rather the HUNGER in America...  and the people who live in inner cities, or rural food desserts, or the single mother of 4 who goes to school, works and still tries to be their for their kids...  do you think that CLEAN eating has a place in their life?  Do you think that those who want to attempt to be healthier come to your blogs and feel encouraged by healthy recipes, or do they feel judged and like no matter what they do, it will never be good enough, or CLEAN enough?
I feel like it is a very similar stigma to STI's.  People refer to themselves or potential sexual partners as "clean"... well, what does that mean to someone who has an STI? They are DIRTY, CONTAMINATED... and totally judged...  

I am totally going off on tangents here, but frankly, I am so sick and tired of the level of food policing with judgement.  It doesn't matter if you're vegan, omni, paleo, vegetarian.. nothing will ever be good enough when you read blogs that spout their views on nutrition!... and where do these people even get off PRETENDING like they KNOW anything?  Who made them gods/desses? Seriously..  so many people spout of sooo much BULLSHIT... with no fact or studies or anything to back it up...  it is terrifying... and you see people just lapping it all up like pathetic little lap dogs....  
Why do people want to be told what to do? Why is the very act of critical thinking LOST on so many?  Is it desperation? 
I think that people prey on desperation and do so much harm.. and I am sick and tired of it. 
I don't EVER want to be lumped into that category.

I will tell you this now and probably over and over in the future...

I don't know SHIT!... I am not a health professional.  I have no qualifications when it comes to nutrition or diet! 

I have very strong beliefs about MY DIET and what helps ME... but that is it...  
Just because someone has a fancy website, does not mean they have ANY qualifications to advise YOU on how you should eat, or what you should eat or what herbs or supplements you should take...

I love Plant-Based foods...  that is what this blog is about... but I am no expert and if you have a health condition, I hope that you will pursue MANY, MANY different venues when it comes to your LIFE. 

That is all.

I leave you with my adorable yard sqiurrel, Bratty Mr. Bratterson! 


  1. Thanks. Totally agree with you, which is why I read your blog. It's just about eating tasty food. If it happens to be better for you than other options, great. If not, whatever—it's better than so many options, like anorexia, or starvation, or worrying so much about every piece of food that goes in your mouth that the stress takes more years off your life than the health benefits of your diet add. Sometimes, I just want to eat.

  2. Yes. I say everyone has their own food religion. And these various food religions have a lot of bible thumping evangelists.
    I have my food religion too, but it is evolving, though based on certain principles. There are foods I don't eat at all, and foods I try to avoid.

  3. Yes - we are constantly being bombarded with information, mis-information, images, mis-images, facts, fiction, words and lies. Combing through it all to find your own truth is not just time consuming, it is exhausting and confusing. You have to listen to your instincts and your body not the foodies and their latest craze.

    The foodies are no different than the fashionistas who worry about appearance instead of substance. As you mention, that mother who has 4 kids to feed and probably has to use food stamps to buy food isn't worried about "Clean" food. She is worried about enough food and how long the food she has will last.

    Keep on keeping it 'real' Melody, it's why I at least read your blog.

  4. I love your blog. I love the info you provide. You do good... don't let these judgemental know-it-alls pull you down. :) Thanks for sharing your walk in life (and the wonderful recipes & stuff!). <3

  5. wow, I truly admire you for speaking your mind. Very good post. just wish ALL bloggers could read it!!! I think a majority of bloggers though, the ones w/o the fancy money making ones, just use theirs as a means of documenting what they are doing/eating and if other people read it great...if not that is great too.
    Peace & Raw Health,

  6. Squirrel!! There is plenty of boundary drawing and policing in the diet and foodie realms. Good call.

  7. Thanks (belatedly) for this, Melanie. I am also sick to death of the judgment and quasi-morality that accompanies our approach to food and nutrition these days. And I can't bear the expression "clean eating." I appreciate your voice!