Friday, September 27, 2013

3 Awesome Dal Recipes!

I LOVE Dal so much, so I wanted to share these three recipes with you.  The spices range from super simple to more complex, so you can probably find one that works well for you.

But first, thanks for the feedback about my E-book on my last post! 

The first recipe, is one taught to me by the Matriarch of the family I used to cook for.  She is from Pakistan and this is her simple recipe.  Everyone who has tried it, loves it and it's really good for people who like simpler food.

The second recipe is a one pot meal for sure, with sweet potato and greens.  It has more traditional dal flavors and is my go to recipe! 

Finally, the third recipe was definitely a clean out the fridge deal, but it was soooo delicious.  Make it just once the way it was written and I guarantee you will make it over and over again! 

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