Saturday, September 29, 2012

Vermont Farmers Market Eggs with Arugula and Goat Cheese

This summer, The Boyfriend and I went to VT for several days and while we were there, we hit up an amazing Farmer's Market in South Londonderry.  It was nice being in such a rural environment and chatting with the vendors.  The produce, flowers and crafts were amazing.  It actually made me kind of ache for a more simple life and I had fantasies about living on a farm and becoming a country girl.

This was July and the only eggs I was eating were the Japanese Style Rice and Eggs, but since I loved them so much that way, I figured I should try them other ways too.

We had some amazing fresh arugula and goat cheese from the market.  First, I wilted the arugula, then I whisked the eggs until very frothy.  I added about 2 teaspoons of water to them which I remember seeing on some cooking show, then I scrambled them gently; attempting to create large curds.  Finally, I added the goat cheese and let me tell you, these were so good!  We were staying at The BF's parents and they had no hot sauce, so he made some out pantry staples so I could get my heat fix. This was his first hot sauce and he created it out of crushed red pepper flakes, cayenne, garlic powder, vinegar and  a touch of a not so hot sauce his parents had in the fridge.   On the side, we had some amazing rye bread we picked up at a local bakery. Yummy!

Stay tuned to see how we used the carrots and beets!
Nice guy with lots of yummy food! 

Some of the best cheese ever.  We still have some of it! 
 I LOVE lavender.  
mmmmm. blue cheese and pears.  Have you made my Vegan Blue Cheese?
Nature's beauty. 
View from the deck. 

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