Thursday, October 13, 2011

Restaurant Review: Lucy Ethiopian Cafe 334 Mass Ave , Boston, MA

So it's my first Boston Restaurant Review!  Just a disclaimer, the money I spend eating out does not come from my $3.33 a day budget.

So, I pretty much live around the corner from this restaurant.  I noticed it several weeks ago and was super excited to give it a try.  I went in last night and to see if they had any vegan options and imagine my delight when he handed me the take out menu! (Pic ^)
I wish I could remember this name of this man... I think he's the owner...  anyway, he was very nice and we chatted a bit about the food and I asked if I could take pictures.  I didn't get dinner last night, but told him I'd be back today for lunch.
Lucy's Ethiopian Cafe has is full of great art and other things to look at.  I spent some time just walking around and enjoying everything.  I met a lovely woman named Meaza who chatted with me about her culture and the food.  She even let me take her pic! 

Now of course, I'm sure you're wondering...  

What about the food?

I elected to get take out and got the Addis Combo which consisted of Miser Wot, Kik Aletcha and Spinach.  I told them I like things extra spicy, so they gave me some extra sauce.  I came home, plated it up began eating. 

The Injera was really really good on it's own and the portion was very generous.  I was impressed by the quality of all of the food.  I could tell the spilt peas were much fresher than the split peas I buy at the grocery store (in reality, I would love to know where they buy their legumes!)..    I would have liked much more spice in the peas, but as you guys know, I am obsessed with spice... and heat.  Fortunately, the extra sauce they gave mixed in perfectly with the dishes and was full of amazing flavor!  I LOVED it.  The spinach was really fresh too.. and lightly seasoned... but again, the extra sauce really made the dish.  The Miser Wot was seasoned really well (but of course, I added more of the sauce)...   

The dish was $8.99 plus tax.  With tip, it came to around $12.00 which I felt was a fair price.  

I will DEFINITELY be eating here again.. (and frankly, I will have to exercise some self control since it is so close to my apartment!)...  if you go and you love spice, make sure you ask for extra sauce!  

I'm not the only one impressed...  they've been written up numerous times and have great reviews on Yelp too! 

Good food.
Good People.
Cool Art. 
Vegan Options. 

If you're in the Boston area, definitely hit up Lucy Ethiopian Cafe! It's located at 334 Massachusetts Ave.