Monday, December 13, 2010

More Teasing..

I scored red and orange bell peppers today for $1.19/lb, so I whipped up this spicy Middle Eastern themed soup along with some scallion flatbread. I will link to the recipes once they are up on the Whole Soy and Company site.

I just love the reduced produce bin at Market Basket. Saturday, I found daikon for $.20/lb. Woohoo!  You do have to kind of pick through it a bit, but I have found really good quality fruits and vegetables.  Lately, I've been shopping several times a week and find that I am getting a better variety. Largely due to the reduced produce bin. The best time to score is usually about an hour after the delivery truck comes in. Make friend with your produce people... they will hook you up!


  1. That looks AMAZING!!!

  2. So colorful. Beautiful. The bread looks great too!

  3. I just scored some good daikon too for kraut.

    Can't wait for the recipes!