Thursday, November 04, 2010

Raw Wednesday Menu and Nutritional Breakdown

Yesterday's menu had a definite ethnic feel to it. I was feeling uninspired, so I went back in time via this blog for some inspiration. Fortunately, I found some dishes I wanted to make again, so I went to the store and was thrilled to find an avocado on sale for $.50 and a pint of grape tomatoes for $.99.

Just a note, my son doesn't eat raw on Wednesday.  He had veggie burgers, soup, salad and sugar free banana bread topped with chocolate frosting. ( more on the delicious frosting recipe I created tomorrow! )

Breakfast: Green Smoothie
Lunch: 5 Spice Lettuce Wraps with Tomatoes and Avocado
Dinner: Daikon Spicy Noodles and Thai Coconut and Vegetable Soup

Calories: 1847
Fat: 85 grams ( way way too much in my opinion )
Carbs: 226 Grams
Fiber:  91 grams ( too much of a good thing? I am OK eating this much, but most people would probably have a stomach ache)
Protein: 71 grams ( thanks lentil sprouts!)

According to Fitday, I was deficient is Vitamin D and B-12. I had 50% of Vitamin E and 72% of Calcium. Selenium was lacking at 63%.

I take a multi vitamin that covers all of these, so I'm not too concerned about the vitamins. What I am concerned about is that fat intake. That is just way too much. Next week I am going to do better. I plug the food into Fitday AFTER I have eaten. Next week I will plan my menu the day before and try to keep the fat under 50 grams. I'd also like to get the calories down a bit.

Now, onto a totally unraw subject! I created an amazing chocolate peanut butter frosting yesterday that is both frugal and much healthier than typical buttercream. I will post the recipe tomorrow along with the recipe for my Sugar Free ( gluten free ) Banana Bread/Cake. This is a great bread because you can eat it for a healthy breakfast and as a sinful dessert topped with chocolate peanut butter frosting and it's still much healthier than typical cake.

I almost forgot, since I'm sure someone will ask, here is the spiralizer I used for the daikon noodles. 

If you want to spend less money, a julienne peeler is great tool for the frugal kitchen.

I'm taking requests for Frugal Raw Recipe Makeovers for next week. Leave a comment or email me ( my address is on my profile ) with the meal you would like me to feature on Raw Wednesday!


  1. I am very excited about that bread recipe! I have some bananas on the counter just begging to turn into banana bread.

  2. All your food looks so enticing and colourful to eat! But I can't pretend, I'm really excited about the prospect of that peanut butter frosting recipe!!! (n_n)

  3. All of the food looks great to me!

  4. All of the food looks great to me!

  5. I just happened up on you blog and love it! Your food looks yummy and the cake sounds fantastic!

  6. Daikon noodles is a wonderful idea, especially with an Asian-style dish. All of it looks absolutely fabulous. So colorful, and I feel like I can almost "see" the flavors.

  7. I wonder if fitday accounts for the smoothie fiber being broken down a bit. It's a lot easier to take in fiber that's been blended.

    Yeah raw can get to be a lot of fat sometimes. Do you think it was from the coconut?

  8. Bitt, I'm sure Fitday doesn't factor in blending. I certainly don't have an issue eating this much fiber a day because I eat a lot every day!

    The coconut added fat, plus I made the 5 spice raw filling out of walnuts and I had avocado and sesame seeds in the same dish! And then again for dinner I ate multiple fats.. I don't feel bad eating that way, but I just don't think it's wise to do all the time. I know that when I was raw for 30 days I did not feel very good and I ate a lot of fat.

  9. Chocolate peanut butter frosting??!! I can't wait ... looking forward to your next post.

  10. Anonymous9:23 PM

    I think it would be a lot easier to get the calcium and iron you need with more greens (like a lot more!), but I don't know how that would work for your budget. Beautiful pics, as always!

    cherie/utopian kitchen

  11. Hey! I just came across your blog, and I love it!!!! I can't wait to see that sugarfree banana cake :)

  12. Cherie, You are so right about the greens. I ate less than I usually do on my raw days.. I normally don't have an issue getting all of the calcium I need through greens. Iron isn't a problem, especially with the sprouted lentils.

    Greens rock!

  13. I thought I was the only one whose body did just fine with 80-100g of fiber a day! Glad to know I'm not alone :) Hmm, raw recipes to frugalize...anything with coconut, heh.