Monday, November 01, 2010

The freezer is your friend & Vegan MoFo

Yellow Split Pea Soup
I love stocking my freezer with 2 cup portions of soup. Just about every time I make soup, I freeze at least 1 2 cup portion for a meal on the go. Todays lunch was a yellow split pea; totally comforting and satisfying.
There's no need to spend hours in the kitchen in order to prepare healthy meals. Cook once, eat 5 times is my motto!
I usually reheat the soup on the stove which only take 10 minutes or so. During that 10 minutes, I made a collard wrap filled with sprouts and carrots.

One tip about the freezer, chunks of potato do not freeze well.  They become watery and mealy. If the potatoes are pureed, they freeze just fine.

I'm sure most of you know about VeganMofo and this year I will be participating. I'm pretty much doing it already on my facebook page, so I figured I should commit to doing it here too.

Collard wrap with Hummus, Carrots and Sprouts


  1. Hi Mel!! My computer crashed and was a nightmare. So glad that I can visit your blog, say hi, and drool over your amazing food!

  2. Glad you are doing MoFo! And Happy World Vegan Day!

  3. Thanks for the soup tip. I knew you couldn't freeze chunks of potato, but I just assumed that pureed potato would be weird too. I'm gonna need a bigger freezer now! Happy MoFo!

  4. Yay--I will look forward to your mofo posts :-)


  5. Looking forward to your inventiveness this mofo!!

  6. I love freezing soup for later. It's so convenient!

  7. That collard wrap is gorgeous! What do raw collards taste like? I tried to make kale wraps, but apparently I only like kale in smoothies or as chips! :)

    Love your blog!