Tuesday, March 17, 2009

$3.33 a day: Shan Tofu and Jack Bauer

Homemade Shan Tofu and Raw Collard Salad

In my last post, I linked to the recipe I used for the tofu made from yellow split peas. I am in love with this stuff! It isn't like traditional tofu, more like a cross between silken tofu and polenta, but that's OK because the nutritional profile and frugality of this stuff knocks my socks off! I used my vita mix to grind yellow split peas, but I'm sure you could use a coffee grinder as well. I ground one cup of the dry peas ($.50) and used about 3/4 of them in the tofu. I got around 3 servings for around 140 calories, 11 grams protein, 11 grams fiber and no fat. So for $.17/serving it will definitely fit in my budget. BOTH of my kids liked it too, which honestly surprised me because they hate polenta.

The recipe above was a raw collard salad with onions, carrots, sesame ginger dressing and the dry fried tofu. Siracha and sesame seeds finished it off. I used 2 large collard greens (one HUGE bunch was $1.29) for the salad.

I've also used the tofu to make baked buffalo steaks which both the kids and I love. Expect to be seeing TONS of this soon. In fact, I will probably include an entire chapter of recipes in my ebook. I have been experimenting so much with GREAT results.

The Bauer Stromboli

Jack Jack.. he's the man! I used him for this dough.. the stromboli was filled with the leftover lasagna filling and homemade cheese. Super delicious. I also made 2 veggie burgers from the filling as well. Again, totally kid approved.

Bauer Buns

Just some whole wheat buns. I like to make them super thin for calorie reasons..

100% homemade burger

The burger, buns and cheese sauce all homemade, low fat and super delicious. I mixed around 2/3 cup of the leftover lasagna filling with oats and flax and made 2 burgers. The cheese sauce recipe I making is constantly evolving.. each time it gets better and better it will be awesome when it's finally in the ebook! I also made a wicked good swiss cheese sauce (that I will be using in several recipes this week so stay tuned!)

The Cutest Dog in the World!

I've been spending SOOOO much quality time with my dog this week.. I WUFF her so much. She's just the best.

Finally, thank you all for your support... it means the world to me. I know better than to let people get to me, but sometimes I need to be reminded!

Oh.. almost forgot! I shopped again and spent a total of $4.50 on:

Kale 1.29
Frozen Okra 1.29
Daikon 1.20
Scallions .33
Parsley .89
Tomato .50

Total spent this month: $49.59

Total Left to meet my goal of only spending $60.00: $10.41

Can I do it?


  1. Mmm, stromboli.

    Love your dog!! :-D

  2. Those buns look great!lol

  3. Of course you can TOTALLY do it!--I have no doubt at all. :)

    And that stromboli looks fantastic--yay Jack!

  4. i think you can totally do it, Melody! your pooch = the cutest ever! thanks for making me smile! :) she's just too awesome!

    that's a great idea on making whole wheat buns thin - i'm totally gonna have to try that out! and your veggie burgers look gloroius! totally looking forward to the cheese sauce recipe & your ebook! wahooooo!

    huzzah for some tasty split pea polenta-tofu yumminess! i saw that over at vegetation's blog and i really need to try it! that's so awesome that your kids loved it, too! a winner, fo 'sho!

  5. p.s. - i forgot to say, GO JACK! :D

  6. That is the most amazing stromboli I've ever seen!

  7. Of course you can do it!! You rock!

    Your doggie is so cute, I just wanna kiss it's little face! :)

    That stromboli..holy moly! :) Nice buns too!

  8. Firstly- your dog is fricken adorable- I just want to squish her face! and Second- you are so making me want to try the split pea tofu!

  9. Everything looks amazing...as usual! That's great you can find produce for such low prices where you live, where I am a bunch of kale is $3!

  10. That tofu looks amazing!! Actually, it all looks delicious.

    And your dog is such a cutie :-)

  11. Another smashing collection of hunger-inducing foods. Everything looks so delicious. I've never had stromboli but now I must.

    I'm sure you'll meet your spending goal.

  12. the split pea tofu sounds good! i'm sure the texture is interesting.

    your food is so pretty!

  13. hello there,
    i just found your blog and i just had to say, what a wonderful reference for new cooks! i'm sure this has been said before, but in these difficult economic times, it's terrific to see you feeding your family well and being thrifty at the same time. i look forward to keeping track of your creations!

  14. I could leave this whole raw food thing in the dust for that stromboli. (you are a very very bad influence on me, I feel)

    My Mother is totally in love with Jack Bauer too.

    Soooooo, were you proactive about the J-O-B this week???

    xoxox (those are for the dog!)

  15. You can do it!!! & your pooch is adorable!

    If you don't mind me asking, where did you get your vita mix? I don't have any type of blender or food processor, and I'm on an extremely tight budget (which I know you understand) so I was hoping that maybe you had a tip about where to get one ... ebay? craigslist? Is there another resource I'm forgetting to check? I'm dying for one! :)

  16. it's good to see Jack Bauer's buns, at long last! I mean uhm...

  17. hey!
    i love your blog so much. i am a long time reader, first time commenter.
    i too am one of many feeling the pinch in these hard economic times. your blog is so helpful, and you always have new and exciting meals! it's really impressive!
    one thing i have found that helps a lot is to grow your own herbs. i got basil, cilantro, and parsely seeds for a dollar each at home depot and potted them last year. they produce a ton, require little care, and keep on growing. many herbs can be grown indoors on a window ledge. something to consider.
    thanks so much for your great ideas,

  18. Oh wow! Spilt pea tofu. I soooo cannot wait for the e-book recipe! Please, please include it!

    And your pup is adorable. I just love dogs!

  19. I can't wait to try that new soyfree tofu! And your stromboli looks amazing.

  20. I am all over that collard salad. Thanks for the inspiration!

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