Thursday, February 07, 2008

More of what I've been eating

I'll probably get bored posting what I've been eating, but for now I'm having fun with it, plus it keeps me on my toes. This was a adzuki bean and collard enchildada bake. I used 8 small corn tortillas and 1 cup of cooked beans and bulked the rest of the filling up with lots of veggies. Fire roasted tomatoes really brought out the best of the collards along with the freshly ground ancho chili powder. I topped it with 5 oz (yes, I weighed it) of shredded FYH mozzarella. I love the stuff. I know many don't, but fortunately for me, it hits the spot. Now, FYH is really empty calories. There is little protein or anything else good in the stuff, but I don't use it very often and kept everything else low enough in calories that I justified it's use. 1/4 of the bake is a large serving and it came it at 450 calories. Not too shabby. I also added 1/4 of an avocado to my portion. I will eat one more portion this week and the other two are in my freezer, with the calories written on the bag for a quick meal.
One tip with enchilada bakes and other cheezy pies is to top the cheez with veggies, fresh herbs and garlic powder. I used cilantro, red peppers and scallions and a bit of garlic powder. The filling had a lot of fresh garlic in it, but I love the way garlic powder melts with the cheez.
I love soup and eat so much of it in the fall/winter/spring months. This was a total clean out the fridge creation made with leftover garlic tofu 'ricotta', fire roasted tomatoes, garlic, chili flakes, ww rotini and broccoli. I topped it with lots of black pepper, fresh basil and a tiny bit of truffle oil. I don't remember calorie count off the top of my head, but it was a delicious and satisfying big bowl of soup.

Yes, more soup! Last night I was really craving something sweet. I was hungry and kind of cranky. The weather had been rainy for two days and I had the blahs. I really wanted some ice cream (vegan of course) for dinner, but I'm smart enough not to keep stuff like that around the house. I was thinking about what to make for dinner and for some very STRANGE reason, I started craving a sweet and spicy creamy carrot soup. Now, this is odd for me because I don't like carrot soup and I really don't like pureed soup very much, but I couldn't get it out of my mind. Enter my handy dandy pressure cooker and in less than 10 minutes I had this delicious and very sweet and spicy red pepper and carrot soup. I used 1.5 t of coconut oil and sauted onions, garlic, lots of fresh ginger, carrots, red bell pepper, curry powder, cumin, coriander, nutmeg, cinnamon and an entire seeded habanero pepper. I finished it off with a pinch of stevia, umeboshi vinegar, lime juice and soymilk. The pot made 4 cups for a total of 350 for the entire thing. I had 3 cups for dinner along with this somewhat boring, chickpea burger from the other day. It's amazing that a big bowl of sweet soup can be so satisfying. I must have needed some of the nutrients in the carrots.
On light bread, I topped it with nayonaise, sauerkraut, relish, catsup and onions. The entire sandwich came it at 250 calories.

Inspired by Webly, I made these quick roasted brussels sprouts and garlic and tossed them with my low fat flax lemon vinaigrette. Delicious..

... yes, more hummus. This the roasted red pepper hummus I made earlier in the week and low calorie pita chips.

I had a lot of fun exercising this morning. I had to do a DVD because of the sleet/snow.. and was sooo bored until I put on some loud rocking music. Gossip kicks ass and is a great motivator to get get your heart rate up.

Weigh in tomorrow morning. I am not feeling like I've lost a thing. I haven't exercised every single day this week, so if I don't I know why.
I had my X take pics of me last weekend and am too embarrassed to post them. I should just suck it up. Oy.


  1. that enchilada bake looks great. I think mock cheese would be good in that situation. It's own its own where I don't care for it.

  2. Anonymous6:41 PM

    Your food always looks and sounds sooooooooooooo great. Keep up the good work with your change in diet. When I started WW I was ashamed to show anyone my picture. It took me several tries, but have now kept off the weight for more than 8 years. You CAN do it!!!!!

  3. You will never convince me that the enchilada bake is low-cal, it looks amazing! I'm so impressed by the meal plans you're coming up with. Don't worry about the weigh-in, you're on the right path!

  4. Damn, that enchilada bake and those soups look amazing!

  5. Don't be embarrassed! Your enchilada bake looks delicious, by the does everything you make!


  6. Hi Melody,

    I've been catching up with the last few posts on your blog- lately, it's been taking me longer than it used to to read all my favorite blogs!

    Your food looks wonderful as usual. It's always so nice to see the burst of color on your blog, especially in the middle of dreary winter. I know we're all rooting for you in your weight loss plan, and I hope you keep us posted of your progress! I for one need all the inspiration I can get.


  7. Oh my goodness, your food looks so so yummy. Great work!

    I wouldn't worry too much about how much you weigh right now, the pounds take a while to come off.

  8. your adzuki bean and collard enchildada bake looks totally amazing. i hope that'll be in your cookbook! and i wish i could have the artichoke below...

  9. Oh Mel, your food always looks so mouthwateringly good. We eat a lot of soup, too--so good, healthy and filling.

    You're doing so great--weight is just a number--but when your habits change--as ythey have this week, then the #s will go down. So try not to worry too much.


  10. Please don't be embarrassed about ANYthing! Everyone who reads this blog thinks you're wonderful, you know! The food all looks so healthy and delicious.

  11. Mel, the day that I get bored of your meal posts is the day that the world ends - I LOVE seeing the elegant presentation of (and the wonderful ingredient combinations of) your latest meals!!

    good luck with the weigh-in - do NOT be hard on yourself!!

  12. The enchilada bake, wow! I like FYH mozzerella as well, something about it I guess. I love to see what you've been eating! Gives me all sorts of great ideas :-)

  13. This is such an aesthetically pleasing post! Congratulations on losing 2 pounds! :)