Friday, January 04, 2008


I'm sure it's no secret that I love pasta. Whole wheat rotini paired beautifully with this awesome homemade pasta sauce. I scored some fabulous fresh basil and have been using it. After I took the pic, I tore it and it made the perfect accent to the spicy tomatoes. I complimented this meal with a spinach salad topped with dry fried, marinated tofu cubes. No pic of that. I really need to bring MY dishes to this apartment. I only have one bowl (as seen above, below and in so many of the food pics I have taken since moving!) that I like to photograph food in.
I love lentils and cook them in so many different ways. I think this may be one of my favorites! It's my Chipotle Kissed Lentil Soup with Fresh Basil. The tomato/lentil combination is enhanced with the smallest amount of spice and smokiness. It is a simple soup, only relying on one dried spice and few veggies to bring out the flavor of the lentils. Fresh basil makes everything better.
These are 100% whole wheat sandwich buns. I love King Arthur's White Whole Wheat Flour. It is the best of both worlds, but 100% whole grain nutrition. I am going to slice them up and keep them in my freezer so they don't spoil.


  1. Oh your basil looks absolutely gorgeous! I just lost my endless, free supply of basil (from my mom's garden, she cut it back cause it started flowering)...

    And your chipotle kissed lentil soup sound tasty, and such a cute name!

    Hope you get your dishes back soon!

  2. i love pasta too. i don't like whole wheat but i do LOVE brown rice pasta and that's just as good...

  3. ahh, nothing beats homemade SPICY tomato sauce, basil, lentils... your staples are my staples as well!! :0)

  4. Gorgeous photos... are you a photographer? (If not, you SHOULD be!)

  5. I wish those were staples in my house! yum.

  6. I've never seen that King Arthur's flour before but I'm going to try and find it. I'm just not a fan of whole wheat!

  7. Great staples. I love lentils to, chipotle is a taste that I have acquired and like it in a few things.

    The avacado, I never even heard of it while growing up. I did buy one a long time and tried it plain unsure of what to do with it, of course I didn't like it.

    I did like it in the recipes from Dreena's cookbook though. With prices at $1.89 each here, they probably won't become regular.

  8. I love soups - have some kind at some time or other (but usually for supper) every day. Your Chipotle Kissed Lentil Soup looks like something that has the best of all worlds, since I'm a fiend for lentils too :)

    Lovely photos, as everyone has told you. Beautiful work on all counts here on this blog. Thanks for visiting mine - it's kind.

    Love and hugs and the best for 2008!!

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  10. Pasta rocks! I just told DH he needed to enjoy it more because our pantry is full of it. lol

    Can you share your sandwich roll recipe? Yummmmm

  11. Your soup looks yummy - I can't decide whether to test the chipotle split pea or the chipotle kissed lentil soup next. Both sound so good.

    I've been trying to make the switch from white flour == I'm going to see if my store carries that white/wheat blend.

    Thanks for your kind words on my blog. It's nice to have the support.

  12. I agree about the basil. We always have some growing so we can add it to everything. Love the look of those buns. I wish there was white whole wheat flour in australia...

  13. Thanks for the compliments on the new blog format, Melody! Yours, as ALWAYS, is beautiful. Visiting here made me want a second dinner!

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  15. Nothing better than fresh basil. I miss the summer for that reason. The pasta looks delicious. =)

  16. Nice buns! I am really attracted by the texture of those rolls, they look great. I agree with chocolatecoveredvegan, great photos!

  17. Food made with staples IS the best, right?

    I do a double-take every time I stop by, since we have the same blue plates. My grandma had them, so I bought them at a flea market out of nostalgia.

  18. That lentil soup and those sandwich buns look amazing!

    Also, don't feel bad about only having one bowl. I recently started a blog myself, and commented that since I recently graduated from college (and am thus, still poor) that my one set of ugly plates will have to do right now.

    Did you make up the recipes for the bread and soup or were they in a cookbook? I am trying to convince my parner Brett that lentils are not gross (he had poorly cooked mushy ones) and that soup might just do the job.

  19. Anonymous9:12 PM

    Listen in the summer I am going grocery shopping and driving to your house so I can try all those dishes, EarthVM

  20. Soups and pastas are two of my favorites!

    Those rolls look incredibly delicious. I don't use the white wheat flour too much, but maybe I should. I'll have to start playing around with it.

    You really do take gorgeous photos Melody.

  21. How do you Dry Fry something? I've heard the term but am curious as to how it works


  22. Yum! I love pasta too, although I'm ashamed to say I rely too much on sauce from a jar. I love fresh basil, too bad getting good stuff around her in the winter is so rare.

    I love lentils too, although I usually stick by the same ol' sloppy lentil recipe with occasional variations. I used leeks instead of the usual onions last time, it was really good!

  23. wow, I like your blog a lot! You have really mouthwatering and pretty pictures, nice stories and also some recipes showed there. I think you must publish some recipes in cookbook? If you make this cookbook some day I must will be one who want it!
    Because those foods looks that delish I hope you must publish some more recipes also in your blog?

    Happy new year and greetings from Finland!

  24. Basil makes everything better. Today is cold and blustery. A perfect day for chipotle kissed soup. YUMMY!

  25. Chipotle Kissed Anything would sound delicious to me, but I also happen to love love lentils- love that name.

    Even if you shoot your food on the same pretty plate forever, your food pics always looks beautiful...

  26. Chipotle Kissed Anything would sound delicious to me, but I also happen to love love lentils- love that name.

    Even if you shoot your food on the same pretty plate forever, your food pics always looks beautiful...

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