Friday, August 18, 2006

Grilled Cheez, Eggplant Parm Sub, more Pad Thai

Blogger is acting up again, I can barely post comments, it keeps timing out on me. It is also not letting me upload, so sorry for the big pics.

We've been eating sandwiches.. I love sandwiches.

This was a grilled "cheez" and tomato, onion and saurkraut. I made a quick 1000 island dressing out of silken tofu, vegenaise, relish, onion powder and ketchup and carawy seeds. Simple and good. The bread was the bread that caught fire in my toaster oven, so I had to cut off the top of it. It is still really good. I used a lot of vital wheat gluten in it to up the protein content.

More Pad Thai
This time I vegged it up and added carrots, green beans and green peppers. The pound of whole wheat pasta will now yield at least 8 large servings.

Grilled Eggplant and "Parmesan" Sub...
Oh boy.. this is soo good! I used toffuti cheez.... bad for you, but very good now and then. I spray it with olive oil and baked the sandiwch for around 10 minues at 400, then ran it under the broiler.. it kind of looks melted..

So, today my room is FINALLY getting fixed. I will have a new ceiling soon, hopefully. I've been getting really sick of living in a room with no ceiling and I know it's not healthy air wise to breathe, so this is good.


  1. I'm so glad blogger IS acting up, because your large pictures are mouthwatering, I just want to dig my fingers into the monitor and take a bite of that gorgeous Eggplant Parm Sub...

  2. I'm so glad your ceiling is getting fixed {{{{Mel}}}}

  3. wow, very nice pictures! those sandwiches look awesome!! and pad thai is one of my fav!
    good luck w/ the home repairs!

  4. I'm glad your ceiling's being fixed too -- it's hard to function when your home seems "out of order".

    Grilled Cheese was always my favorite comfort food - yours looks great. I'm still a little scared to try the "fake cheeses" at the grocery store but your sandwich makes me want to take the chance.

  5. That eggplant parmesan sandwich does look really good... Nice melting effect going on.

    Glad about your ceiling, finally! What a relief that will be!

    And I can sympathize about the blogger thing...grrr...

  6. Your posts as of late have me craving vegan cheese. This looks delish--esp the eggplant parm sub.

    Tonight, I made the "mozzarella" from the Uncheeese Cookbook (not your fave, I know). I'll let you know how it turns out.

  7. Holy YumORama!!
    That's all lookin' so good Melody! I love looking at all the goodies.

    Sandwiches are such a great summer time food. And there are so many wonderful options, too.

    :) Amey

  8. You have been making some AMAZING looking food!!! I'm hungry now!

  9. I love your photos! I'm guessing that you must be feeling a bit better because you're cooking more now. Isn't that mango tofu soooo good?! I want to make it again. Good news about the ceiling. Yea!!

  10. Hooray for the ceiling getting fixed. It's so nice to have things settled and in order. I'm feeling very out of order lately and need to start getting things done so that I can relax a bit more.

    What recipe did you use for the pad thai? It looks delicious.

  11. Whoa! These food pics should not be allowed; they look too good to be true!

  12. Blogger really is acting up. The post I had up to which you left a comment, disappeared! I logged on and it was poof! gone. I had to re-type it in from memory. GRRR! I did leave you a comment there though.

    Stupid Blogger.

  13. mmm larger than life tasty food!!


  14. Yum! Lifesize food porn. I'm glad your celing is being fixed also. I have lived in & through a very large remodel project .... not fun. The incredible amounts of dust and it even continued to setlle even after the job was over.

  15. extra beautiful food photos in the post, melody! especially the Grilled Eggplant and "Parmesan" Sub -- georgous! congrats on getting your celing fixed -- then you can put that whole saga behind you.....or, above you in this case! :o)

  16. That Pad Thai is so addictive isn't it? I'm making it again this week. The Eggplant Sub looks yummy!!!! That's great news that your ceiling will be fixed soon :)

  17. Looks like it's time for me to invite myself over for din-din again! :) teehee.

    The pantry challenge is going rather interesting because I just did stock up but there are many things that have been sitting on my shelf for a while. I doubt I will wilt it down to nothing because I on't want to have to restock but thought it would make myself really think about what to do and how to do them...meal-wise. I posted about events thoughout the weekend - I give myself out of 5 stars for effort and success! lol

    Still waiting on the sprouts tho...I'm doing alfalfa first. They're expanding but not to a sprout yet. It said 4-5 days...I'm on my 4th full day today. ceiling needs to be fixed as well...sigh

  18. You must be so glad your ceiling is getting fixed!

    Beautiful pictures of gorgeous food, as usual. Makes me wanna fire up the grill for some eggplant, maybe later this week. Do you “sweat” your eggplant before grilling, or marinate, or do anything other than just slice it up and throw it on? Eggplant has always been a fussy vegetable to prepare in my experience. Does the Tofutti cheese have hydrogenated oil? I always have a million questions, sorry!

  19. Shan,

    All I do with the eggplant is brush it with the marinade, then grill it. Then I pour the marinade over the cooked eggplant and it is soo good, especially after it sits overnight.
    The tofutti cheez does have hydrogenated oil, so we hardly ever eat it... stupid hydrogenated oils.

  20. you're not kidding there! that sandwich looked unbelievable. im starving right now too!

    yay on your ceiling!!

    wehre are you getting your recipes for the pad thai? that looks fabby...i have YET to make that cheese. it looks hard...

  21. Here's to a new ceiling :) Yummy sandwiches- especially the eggplant parm- yum!

    Blogger has not let me post pictures in 2 weeks- so annoying! I keep trying though...

  22. You are only one step away from a tempeh reuben in that first pic. I highly recommend you add tempeh to your next such sandwich. :)

  23. Hi Meloday. Glad your ceiling is fixed... hope by now it is! No more falling down. What does it think it is, London Bridge?!!?

    Your food looks great great great!!! I love all that you made. YUMMY!!

  24. I would like one of those grilled cheez and tomato sanwiches, please :D


  25. I would like one of those grilled cheez and tomato sanwiches, please :D


  26. I totally forgot about your ceiling! I'm glad it is being fixed, that must be frustrating to live with.

    Yummy eggplant marinara sandwich. Never thought about that before.

  27. it was YOU!~!!!

    Where did you get that huge jar of vegannaise?? i want to order that!

  28. yummmmy yumm!!! those sandwiches look gorgeous.. hehehe... and that pad thai .. I cannot describe..!!!

  29. back for more food porn -- boy, am i hungry!

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