Saturday, June 24, 2006

Oh the cuteness

My youngest teenager (oh how strange it is that my baby is a teenager now!) and my dog, Jorda. I know the second pic is blurry, but she's so cute with her little ears... and I have no food to post today. I've been cooking, just not taking pics. I've had a house full of teen boys all week and it's been hectic.

People in blogland have been talking about Sloppy Lentils a lot, so last night I was inspired to make "Sloppy Joes" with TVP. I like Sloppy Lentils better though. I had Chipotle Orange BBQ Sauce in the freezer, so after sauteing onions, garlic, green, yellow, red and jalapeno peppers I poured that over recostituted TVP and simmered it for 30 minutes. Earlier in the day I made a slaw out of green cabbage, shredded carrots, shredded daikon, red onion, red pepper, dijon, veganaise, a tiny bit of KAL stevia, and Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar. I also picked up a large Scala bread at the bakery and filled it with the Sloppy mixture, coleslaw and a bunch of dill pickles. It was a great sandwich. I have a lot of leftover sloppy mixture, I'll probably turn half of it into burgers and freeze the rest.

Lunch today consisted of corn tortillas with my uncheese,(a mixture of Bryanna's recipe for structure and my own personal taste preferecnes)baby spinach, homemade salsa, jalapenos warmed up in my beloved cast iron skillet. My husband and kids had swiss cheese sandwiches and chips. I have no idea what I'm doing for dinner tonight. I'm not really inspired to cook because while it's not horribly hot, it is very muggy and my energy is low. We'll probably do leftover night.

My husband is working on my computer as I type this! I might be online by tonight!


  1. Great photos. Oy, a houseful of teen boys. That must be craaaaaaaaazy... but fun!

    More later, wanted to pop by and say HELLO!!!

    Hope you enjoy the weekend, Mel.

  2. your dog and son are both very cute.

    I love chipolte in anything!

  3. waaay to go hubby! and great photos! how did your dog is his name? :o)

  4. I just read back through the weekend while I was oaway from my computor. Great looking guys.... dog = guy too?

    Glad to hear hubby is fixing the computor!

  5. Hi - found you thru comments on Tanya Kristine's blog. Jorda is adorable! How old is she?