Tuesday, May 30, 2006

leftovers and food for the next couple of days

Last night I made some really good tofu/veggie burgers. I cleaned out my fridge yesterday (I usually do this twice a week) and used a container of cooked spinach (about 1 lb, cooked in water with lemon juice, garlic, crushed red pepper and nutmeg) along with 14 oz lite firm tofu. I put that in the food processor along with 4 cloves garlic and some crazy salt. I added rolled oats, homemade italian dressing, basil and a tiny bit of bread crumbs. I let the mixture it for several hours in the fridge, then grilled the patties on my cast iron grill pan. They were delicious. They looked a kind of odd though, given the spinach, but my entire family loved them. I served them with veganiaise, broccoli sprouts, tomatoes and red onion on toast.

I also made some slaw with 1/2 a daikon radish, 1 onion, 2 carrtos, 1 diced red pepper, veganaise, stevia, dijon mustard, celery salt and lots of black pepper. That went over really well and I have leftovers today. I also have some leftover burger mix that I think I'll turn into "meatballs" for later on this week.

I'm bummed that we are getting into the very last of the soup season... I wanted to make a white bean and escarole, but it is just too hot for that. Instead I'll probably make a white bean dip with rosemary and use homemade bread chunks along with a cold escarole salad, wilted with balsamic dressing. I may even try grilling some of the escarole (I bought a HUGE bunch) and see how that turns out.

I have a large amount of hummus that I made yesterday as well. I usually eat it for several days, then make falafels to freeze out of the leftovers.


  1. Hi Melody!!! I like your blog - I came here via VeganDoc...

  2. White bean hummous with rosemary sounds mighty yummy!

  3. You are so good! I am going to try to do these veggies burgers. I have been making the broccoli and tofu stir fry once a week, and I love your lentil recipe. You are so generous to share your ideas and recipes...so kind to make it accesssible and informative that even a "cooking dummy" like me can follow what you're saying. I might even try to make the falafel. I saw that someone commented about trying a "potato pea curry" I couldn't find that recipe, am I missing something. Thank you so much again!